BPL renamed ‘Bangabandhu BPL’ without the franchises

Country’s most happening T20 tournament BPL has gone through a significant modification as Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has come up with some major changes. First of all, BPL has been renamed as Bangabandhu BPL to commemorate the contribution of the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The decision was made just a couple of days ago and renaming the tournament is not the only decision that BCB made that day. Apart from this, BCB made an astonishing decision of dropping the franchises and to take charge of all the teams for the upcoming edition of the exciting tournament. To know more related to this topic, please continue reading the article here.

BPL renamed ‘Bangabandhu BPL’, BCB takes charge dropping franchises

BPL renamed ‘Bangabandhu BPL’ without the franchises

These decisions were made on last Wednesday on September 11. Asked about the decisions, the spokespersons from BCB clarified all the queries. First of all, the tournament was renamed and the president of BCB has spoken about it as he said, “The main reason for renaming the tournament is- next year will be the 100th anniversary of the father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Thinking on that, we have decided to dedicate this BPL to his name.”

The BCB boss also talked about the dropping of franchises ahead of the season. He said, “We were supposed to sign new contracts with the franchises. They had some needs and claims that, we thought contradicted some of the basic principles of our module.”

He further said, “Apart from that, some of the franchises were not ready to go for two BPL in the same year. It felt as heavy pressure on them and we came forward to resolve this issue.”

BCB set to arrange BPL without the franchises this year 2019-20

The BCB president further explained that there will be no changes of names of the teams and matches will be arranged following the same procedures that were taken earlier. But this time, BCB will bear all the expenses of the players and arrangements. However, asked whether BPL franchise will get any sort of revenue from BCB, the president just denied and said, “We will not give any revenue to the franchises owners as we have sacrificed a lot in past.”

All in all, the BPL has turned into a new form, in a new stage. Let’s see what will happen in the near future. Thanks for your patience to read the article. Please browse us on a regular basis. Thanks and goodbye.