BCB all set to arrange BPL without any franchise

If you are a keen follower of Bangladesh cricket, you may already know that Bangladesh Cricket Board has decided to drop all the franchises for the next edition of Bangladesh Premier League which has also been renamed as Bangabandhu BPL for this time. The Bangabandhu BPL, which will feature absolutely no franchise this time, is supposed to be started from the first week of December 2019.

Bangladesh Cricket Board to Organize BPL 7 Without Franchises

BCB all set to arrange BPL without any franchise

Ahead of the tournament, the supreme organization of the country’s cricket-BCB has decided to make significant changes and as a result of that, we will be witnessing massive changes especially in the ownership issues. To know more related to that, please go through the complete article here.

Franchises ‘not interested’ to be sponsors

The decision taken by BCB came as a bolt from the blue for the franchise owners. BCB, then, invited them to be the official sponsor of the teams they were used to govern in the latest edition of BPL 7. However, franchise owners showed no interest in that. Earlier, BCB set the date as 22 September to submit the Expression of Interest or EOI if any franchise owner wants to be the sponsor of the team while BCB will keep the ownership. But absolutely no franchise has agreed on that as they are actually very upset about the decision taken by BCB. As a result of that, they found no interest to remain anyhow connected to the team.

Asked about the topic, BCB prime Najmul Hasan Papon has said, “I was told that six other parties submitted the EOI. I have not checked these yet, I will check that within the next one or two days.” The BCB chief seemed way too relaxed and not at all concerned about the decisions taken by the franchises. Now, the key point is that whether these reluctance to join as sponsorship would hinder their path to rejoin as franchise owners in the future.

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