BCB to implement latest technologies in Bangabandhu BPL

Bangabandhu BPL has been the talk of the town in recent days and Bangladesh Cricket Board is making no stone unturned to make it a special one. Earlier, the BCB was seen busy very much on clarifying the ownership and sponsorship issues and strict decisions were made in this regard which leads to a massive change, at least off the field for sure.

Now, the apex authority of Bangladesh cricket has decided to implement the latest technologies in the field in Bangabandhu BPL 2019-20 so that it can reach the highest standard possible when it comes to the arrangements of the game, to know more related to this, please keep reading the article here.

BCB to arrange ‘Bangabandhu BPL’ 2019-20 without franchises

BCB to implement latest technologies in Bangabandhu BPL

Bangabandhu BPL, the seventh edition of Bangladesh Premier League, is going to be started from the first week of December. Ahead of the tournament, BCB is planning to ensure better use of technologies so that bad decisions can be removed as much as possible. In this edition of BPL, DRS and Ultra Edge will be available right from the beginning and BCB is about to take all the necessary steps to implement this. In an earlier edition of BPL, there was no Ultra Edge and that gave birth to a round of controversies as the umpires made some bad calls and that hampered the game to a certain extent. This time BCB does not want to repeat this and the decision has been made to implement it.

Besides, BCB has also decided to add to two 4K resolution ultra-motion cameras along with another two super slow cameras. In addition to that, robotic cameras will be used in the dugout while umpires will wear head cameras. The list does not end here. BCB has also decided to use a drone camera, spider camera, radiofrequency camera and so on to make this BPL perfect from every possible way.

To get all sorts of updates regarding Bangabandhu BPL, this is the place you should visit regularly. Hope to see you soon. Goodbye, enjoy the game to a full extent.

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